jnnyT Creative Process

By John Tumelty

In the end, we’ll build a well crafted website and surround it with a fierce supporting cast. The emergence of your unique genius is where things get interesting. The brand we build will be the highest expression in thought word and action. I call it the jnnyT Creative Process.

As above so below.

People find me in need of partnership and collaboration. It’s not hard to find somebody to throw up a quick website these days, and you can always get a logo on fiver for a few bucks, this is true. The objects we make in the end are the fruits of  the deeper dive we do to truly discover what you unique idea is and how it wants to express itself in form.  It’s is as much holding you through the wake up path of bringing your unique genius into the world (above) as it is creating the assets to make it real (below). Ya see, my 20 years as a creative person, a creative director, a healer, a coach, a spiritual mentor– all come together in our collaboration. You may find me needing a website, but what you will get will be the realization of your deeper purpose. Above all, the world needs your light more than ever. We are here as creators, and in the divine polarity between us (1+1) we will get to something greater than we ever could alone (=3).  

“The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”


― Michelangelo

Creative Resonance. 

Firstly, Our work will start at the top of the mountain where we come into rapport with each other and your idea. I’ve always loved the thought that the David was already in the marble, Michelangelo was just incredibly adept at removing the marble necessary to reveal the magnificence contained within it. I too believe the magnificence of your idea is held within you already. It’s my job to see it, to tease it out and recognize what parts are vibrating the highest. See my blog on What’s with the goosebumps. The assets we create, weather it be a logo identity, a well crafted website, a social media campaign, a sizzle video or beautifully written copy, are just the fruits of our thinking in our resonance Sessions.

Secondly, and once we cultivate enough thinking,  I go into DO mode where I begin to create assets that reflect our thinking. We’ll be In a co-creative dance for a while, crafting our thinking into form. (The SEO algo is making me say ..The jnnyT Creative process, AGAIN:)  Sometimes you gotta surrender to get a desired result!

Left Brain vs Right Brain

My gifts straddle two words, enough technical proficiency to get you a well function website, enough creative muscle to create any creative asset needied to tell your story,  and a enough imagination and experience to know what a good idea is and how to turn it into form. I use an very sophisticated web page building software called ELEMENTOR PRO. In simple summary, It’s a web designer’s dream come true in that it has near infinite flexibility to create a dynamic website full of short codes and nifty widgets. This coupled with an infinite amount of plug-ins available in WordPress,  creates a canvas form which we will build your brand. 

Typography is my love.

From my Tyler School of Art school days typography was always my thing. I love creating unique expression of brands through typography. Font pairing on a website is a craft I enjoy immensely in my design process. Type holds a vast amount of sensibility– from voice to tone to style. Good design is the dance of type and image and that paring is where good visual communications comes from.

The Big Idea.

My NYC agency days gave me a few base bricks from which I have built my offering. One of these bricks is what we called to call THE BIG IDEA. Ya see, once we stumble upon the highest vibrational thought about your brand, and we crystallize it into form, the rest flows effortless from that. It is why our work together can truly go in infinite directions to make the creative assets necessary for your brand to be a beacon. The big idea tethers us to the highest thought. It serves as creative guide should we ever go off course. In astrology this can be equated to finding your true north. In our case, it is the true north of your idea and a star we can always look up to insuring we are on course.

In summary, Our sessions will reveal the depth that you are. We’ll drop off any limiting beliefs you may hold about your greatness and what you came here to create. We’ll go off road just enough to remember all there is to remember before we get back on the grounded path. Our time will be more than just the brand we make, but the process of your becoming. This is my love and life’s work, this is the jnnyt Creative Process–lets get to it!

To get contact with me to have a creative resonance session  contact me here and tell me a little about what you are here to create.

I love you