Working with JnnyTCreative was an absolute delight! I’m thrilled with not only what we created together, but how we did it. His process is very collaborative, creative, fun, and connected - exactly what I was hoping for. I wanted much more than just a web designer - I was looking for someone who could distill my ideas about my project into a logo, messaging, a website, and a brand. Johnny walked me through a writing process to help me clarify my concepts and hone my copy. He listened carefully to my design preferences and my passion for my project, and was able to translate that accurately into the look and feel of the website and branding. He was very open to feedback and collaborative creation, and brought a wealth of knowledge about art direction and branding, as well as the nitty-gritty of the development work. He was responsive, timely, and stayed with all the little updates and corrections until it felt right. I feel proud of the website and have gotten so much positive feedback from my audience. It’s unique, not cookie cutter. It’s artistic, but also highly functional. It perfectly holds the bigger message & vision of my project. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience working with you!
Kerry McKee, LCSW
Founder of The Moon Passage
“I finally found the wizard of websites with Johnny T. He is genius with branding, magical with design and brilliant with detail ~ he downright hits all the marks with a sh*t ton of patience, kindness, love and care.”
Jodi Golda
"I remember sitting in a cafe where we collaborated on the development of my website...you teasing out of me things I didn't even know I knew!"
Jeff Parrett
Starrman, Philanthropist
"It is an absolute delight to collaborate with John (aka JnnyT). He takes the time to connect deeply with me and the projects I'm bringing into the world, then he takes that information and "goes down the rabbit hole" to see what wants to be revealed. He comes back a few days later with cool ideas and creative assets that are way better than anything I could have imagined. He did this with my logo, my website, and the materials for numerous workshops, extending and evolving my brand as I grow and change. Plus he's a delight to work with...whenever a new project comes my way I am thrilled because it means another opportunity to collaborate and co-create with JnnyT. Everything I bring him into is better as a result of his partnership."
Nancy Larocca Hedley
Pathfinder | Leadership Coach | Facilitator | Yoga Teacher
“Johnny T is a brand genius. I turn to him for his impeccable taste and honed instincts about whether a design concept works. If it does, he'll show me how to evolve it, take it deeper, and make it pop. If not, he'll be honest about needing to kill it or turn it on its head to become something fundamentally more authentic and compelling. I've come to value his "quick take" more than anyone else's in all matters design.
Transformational Coach for Men
"What I cherished the most were the creative sessions for Brilliant Baby & Beyond and how deeply you helped me see why I was doing what I was doing. Then seeing the website through the words and design of it all. You were instrumental in helping me align with my higher purpose and helping me launch my new business."
- Midge Cox
Child Devlopemnet Specilaist
“John can see in the dark space and others can see their own constellation through his presence”
- Akasha