verb: to place indelibly in memory

To give a product a distinctive identity by means of characteristic concept,
design, language and photography. A collection of ideas showcasing unique genius.

"What I cherished most were the creative sessions for Brilliant Baby and Beyond and how deeply you helped me see why I was doing what i was doing. Then seeing my vision on the website through words and design of it all. You were instrumental in helping me align with my deeper purpose and launch my new business."
Midge Cox
Owner, Brainy Baby & Beyond
"I remember sitting in a cafe where we collaborated on developing my teasing out of me things I didn’t even know I knew!"
Jeffery Parrett
President, Crystalline Foods
A testimonal from the one and only Clouds !
Clouds L de Narvaez

Audio note on Gracious Receiver.

"Collaborative creativity is such an elusive process but JnnyT is a true alchemist with his ability to meld ideas, trends and personalities to bring the perfect brand identity/design to life. You'll hear Jnny talk a lot about magic, That's because he really understands the meaning of the concept, and his ability to float that in the liminal space of creation creates beautiful results. I am over the moon with what he designed for my new business (and in such a short time!) The back and forth of co-creation is everything and I always felt like he was leading us in a beautiful dance that culminated in an exquisite logo, interactive resume, and beautiful information architecture for my website design. JnnyT has an almost mystical power to create design alchemy,"
Christine McHugh
Intimacy Coordinator