noun: moniker, a nickname or alias.

A typographic reduction from the 10th century Gaelic
From O’ Tomaltaigh
to John Tumelty to johnnyT to jnnyT.
 A nickname originated in the halls of MVBMS Advertising Agency in NYC.
 A quality of depth and playfulness.

Born and raised in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. After graduating form Tyler School of Art of Temple University in 1995 I made my way to the big Apple. Like a bow pulled taught for moments too long, the tension of my desire propelled me head first into downtown Manhattan. I landed my first gig at a company with too many letters to type so we’ll call it MVBMS Euro RSCG where I began my creative career as an young art director. Rising through the ranks quickly, I touched almost every brand in the agency form the early days of MCI to the more creatively elite brands including Evian, Intel and Volvo. I was involved in a lot of BIG TV production and campaign development for major global brands. Topping out as a senior Art Director– I pursued freelance opportunities at a handful of other large Advertising agencies in NYC. My last NYC gig landed me at a shop called Hanft Unlimited where I was the creative director for Match.com and other IAC brands. Here I won a few awards, including an EFFIE for the REJECTED chemistry.com campaign.

After 13 years I was done with NYC… it was time to expand and go west! I landed in the bay area and went to culinary school as a creative sabbatical to immerse in my love for food cooking and wine.

i dabbled being in front of the camera too. VW Spread The Joy. 🙂

Soon after jumping from the frying pan I sought the oven so I joined the vibrant start up culture in the bay area. I started on the ground floor of an education company called where I brought my experience in branding, design and video production. I entered the company literally through the garage door with 15 other dedicated devotees and left it as the 11th most successful education company in America. Here I became a life coach where I studied deeper topics in health & wellness, entheogenics, spirituality and relationship dynamics. It was here that an integration started to take place. Tapping into a greater intuition coupled with an already adept creative mind, my gift of resonance was born.  This is where the idea of 1+1=3 was born. Between us something greater becomes possible.

After a wild ride in California, turning over every rock I could find in deep persuit to “know thyself,” I have found my new home in Austin Texas! I’ll call this jnnyt3.1 🙂 

Now I bring all of my gifts as a creative person to small companies and solopreneurs looking to bring a higher level of creativity and collaboration to their brand.

In my spare time you will find me immersed in the crypto space and health & wellness as long as there is not a Philadelphia Eagles games on. GO BIRDS!